For Families

Family-Focused Programming

Harbor Point Behavioral Health Families

Family involvement is a vital component to the overall success in the youth’s treatment. Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center is committed to integrate the family throughout the treatment process.

Upon admission, the family is asked to join with the treatment team to share their knowledge and experience about their child to the development of the youth’s treatment plan. This treatment plan will provide the framework for building an individualized and specific course of care. The therapist will facilitate regular therapy sessions with the family to process family related issues and review the youth’s treatment progress. The family is encouraged to maintain consistent involvement in this process. In addition, the family will be asked to make periodic visits to the facility for family weekends.

During weekend visits and individual family sessions the family will strengthen their connection and enjoy quality time with their child. During the final phase in the child’s treatment, the family will be a crucial piece in the discharge planning process as they begin to coordinate therapeutic passes to the home.

The participation of the family will help to ensure success in the youth’s transition to their next phase in life.