How to Make a Referral

The screening and assessment process at Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center employs a combination of procedures (psychometric and non-psychometric) to determine residents’ mental health, behavioral health, substance abuse history, strengths, needs and any legal concerns.

To be considered for admission, children and adolescents must still be eligible for educational services (5th to 12th grade).

To make a referral, please contact our Admissions team at 757-391-5927 or email [email protected] or fax 757-391-5915

  • Current medical history or physical exam
  • Current medication (type and dosage)
  • Current education testing with IEP, if applicable
  • Social history
  • Legal issues
  • Summary of treatment at any other location or level of care
  • Contact information

Give Us a Call

Call 757-393-0061 to schedule a no-cost assessment or learn more about treatment options. You may also contact us through our online contact form.

In case of emergency, please dial 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.