The Admissions Department at Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center is staffed by caring, competent professionals who will provide you assistance in placing your young person.

Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center is a fully licensed specialty hospital and is accredited by The Joint Commission. Treatment costs are covered in whole or in part by most health insurance plans.

For further information on our programs and services at our facility in Portsmouth, VA, please call (757) 391-5927.

How to Make a Referral:

The screening and assessment process employs a combination of procedures (psychometric and non-psychometric) to determine residents’ mental health, behavioral health, substance abuse, strengths, needs and any legal concerns.

To make a referral, please fax the following information to (757) 391-5915:

  • Current medical history or physical exam
  • Current medication (type and dosage)
  • Current education testing with IEP, if applicable
  • Social history
  • Legal issues
  • Summary of treatment at any other location or level of care
  • Contact information

Individuals are required to still be eligible for educational services (K- 12th grade).

Exclusion Criteria:

Medically unstable to include:

  • Currently on or have immediate need for intravenous therapy
  • Severely compromised respiratory, circulatory or cardiac system
  • Multiple complex diseases which require primary medical intervention
  • Chemically dependent, requiring detoxification
  • Diagnosis of an eating disorder

Inability to ambulate or perform activities of daily living without assistance

Persons with an IQ below 55, unless appropriate clinical and educational needs can be provided

Persons deemed clinically inappropriate by the Admissions Committee, including:

  • Unwilling or unable to participate in programmatic therapeutic services/activities
  • Diagnosis of Autism