CEO Welcome

Welcome to Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center. Providing individualized treatment services to youth is part of the mission of the facility. The goal of the treatment process at our facility is to address mental health factors impacting the successful functioning of youth and to support their successful reintegration into their home communities.

Treatment is a collaborative process centered around the whole child. All services are structured to meet youth where they are and from a strengths-based perspective. We have a strong commitment to evaluate our system for continual improvement in order to provide the best evidence-based and effective systems of care. Clinical, education, nursing and residential integrate services that comprise the treatment process at the facility. The Harbor Point community is vested in the residents under our care. Our commitment is firmly grounded in a positive and supportive therapeutic process that includes ongoing family counseling and family engagement services. Reuniting kids with their families and care providers is our main goal and treatment focus.

Residents at the facility are provided with opportunities to master treatment goals in an environment that is caring, supportive, and provides positive accountability. Our belief at Harbor Point is “every day is a new day for positive change and growth.” Treatment services engage our residents in developing age-appropriate therapeutic goals; the development of strong self-advocacy and social functioning skills; and the planning for successful discharge.

On behalf of the entire Harbor Point community, we thank you for your support and appreciate the opportunity to be a responsible care provider within the treatment community.

Freddie Anderson, CEO
Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center


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Call 757-393-0061 to schedule a no-cost assessment or learn more about treatment options. You may also contact us through our online contact form.

In case of emergency, please dial 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.