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Family Engagement 

Family involvement is a critical aspect of work aimed at improving the lives of children. Research and experience in education, mental health and medicine suggests that the level of family engagement and empowerment plays a key role in initiating and sustaining use of services, in increasing family satisfaction with and commitment to services and in improving child outcomes.

One goal of Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center is to assist your child to stabilize and return home to be re-united with family as quickly as possible. Family involvement is a vital component to the overall success in your child’s treatment. Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center is committed to integrate the family throughout the treatment process and we want to be sure we are receiving your ongoing involvement and feedback during your child’s stay with us.

Visitation with your child and inclusion of all family members is an excellent demonstration of support for your child. Visitation occurs every day of the week as well as on weekends. Upon arrival please sign in on the visitors’ log, provide picture identification, and review the visitation guidelines. This is necessary to ensure that only approved visitors are on the premises.

Additionally, we host family engagement activities and family skill building workshops. Please see the attached calendars. We hope you can join us to enjoy some interactive and positive family time, and support your child in their treatment process. This type of activity has been shown to reduce residential length of stay, resulting in your child being able to be home sooner rather than later.

You are a valuable and active member of your child’s team and your teamwork and participation will help to ensure success in your child’s transition to their next phase in life. We look forward to seeing you!July Family Engagement Calendar 2019


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