Therapeutic Recreation


Therapeutic Recreation is the provision of treatment/leisure education services to persons in need. The primary purpose of treatment/leisure education services is to restore, remediate, or rehabilitate in or to improve function and independence as well as reduce or eliminate the effects of social, emotional, cognitive or physical illness/disadvantages. Furthermore, the purpose of Therapeutic Recreation is to provide recreational resources as well as opportunities to improve health and well-being.

The Recreation Therapy department designs and facilitates treatment protocols within Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center by utilizing motor groups, expressive arts, music appreciation, and leisure education groups to:

  • Develop and improve social skills and coping skills
  • Develop and improve self-esteem as well as self-concept
  • Develop and improve expression of feelings as well as self-awareness
  • Develop and improve physical fitness and motor coordination
  • Develop and improve cognitive skills
  • Develop, expand and improve leisure skills
  • Develop the knowledge to utilize leisure resources
  • Provide opportunities for positive substance free voluntary independent recreation participation

The Recreation Therapy department also facilitates the following:

Expressive Arts – to explore creative mediums to help residents cope, express, and communicate their selves in a therapeutic way.

Music Exploration – to use music to address a number of emotional, cognitive, and social issues the residents may encounter. The process of making and listening to music can provide a channel for communication and expression that may go beyond what is easily expressed in words.

Leisure Education – to develop recreation/leisure philosophies for life and to establish the connection between overall well-being and a healthy leisure lifestyle. We also offer transitional programming to our residents. These outings include going on college tours or visiting museums.

Gross Motor Interventions – to promote positive thoughts and feelings through the release of endorphins as well as promoting overall health. Competitive gross motor programming promotes mood management, as well as sportsmanship.  At Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center we also offer Yoga, Zumba and a Rock Climbing wall. These recreational opportunities promote healthy leisure lifestyle choices and engage the resident in fitness, relaxation, and energy management.

Teambuilding Interventions – to promote problem solving, mood management, and positive sportsmanship through teamwork.

Volunteer Opportunities – to build character through giving back to the community. Opportunities such as these also promote community transition for the residents, as well as a healthy leisure lifestyle. At Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center we offer many volunteer opportunities such as:

  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA): to promote the socialization of animals and residents as an opportunity for character building
  • Feeding the homeless: to promote character building thru community relations
  • Visiting an Assisted Living facility: to promote character building as well as transitional programming for the residents