Read the following testimonials to see what patients and parents are saying about Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center.

Patient Testimonials

“Thank you for all you have done. I’m finally leaving and not turning back to look at the past it was hard but I did it. With ALL of your help teachers staff therapist etc. I’m proud to sayI will never pick up a razor again….You were like my family so here’s a poem for you all my hero’s….”


You give your effort every single day
you show your love for me in your own little way
I know you’re not after the so called “PERFECTION”
Because you still accepted me behind all my “IMPERFECTIONS” 

You might not have super powers
But you’re ready to share your knowledge during work hours
You are always the source of good advice
you’re the ones who told me before I act think twice 

Your love for me is evident
Your lessons are effective and efficient. You can also be an excellent counselor
At the same time you are really a good mentor.  

I owe everything  to you good and loving staff
Because of you my knowledge will continue to grow
And because of that I can honestly sayMY staff MY HERO


“I would like to thank all the staff for helping me with my treatment.”

“I like this place, and I think it helped me a lot with my aggression.”

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and dealing with my ups and downs at any given moment. I never would have learned the things you taught me in here at my old home. I cherish the time here more than anything because I know I only have one life to live so spend it wisely. I appreciate the time you spent with me and the care and support. I will never forget you, but always remember the bad days we overcame with all the good mind therapy (which I will use until the day I die). Thanks to you!”

“This place helped me out so much – it’s better than a foster home! Thanks for all your help!!!”

“Thank you to everybody who helped me in anyway. I will never forget you guys ever.”

Parent Testimonials

“…we are amazed at the progress he has made – after so many disappointments over so many years.  Only Harbor Point personnel noted that until the psychosis was addressed, CBT wouldn’t work.  And keeping him from withdrawing into his room, in spite of all the trouble it caused,  really helped him engage with others and get off the medications.  We’ve told our own therapist about this and he said that in 50 years of counseling, he never saw a recovery like this. We are very grateful that Harbor Point was able to get him back on his course in life.”

“Doctor and therapist were wonderful with my [daughter]. She responded in positive ways to their teaching her the skills she needs and hopefully will continue to use these learned skills as she comes back home.”

Employee Testimonials

“I feel that my continued growth in the field of education is due to a highly supportive supervisor and staff.” –Teacher

“I look forward to continued growth within the organization as a leader.” – Lead Mental Health Tech

“I enjoy working with the team of colleagues including program manager. She understands the importance of excellent team building and interest of the safety of the building – adolescents and staff.” – Mental Health Tech

“Thank you for always valuing my input.” – Lead Mental Health Tech

“It is hard to believe my first year at Harbor Point is completed.” “I look forward to coming to work and feel I have access to supervision and support when needed.” “My supervisor is always available and supportive.” – Registered Nurse

“It has been a pleasure working with everyone” at Harbor Point BHC! – Psychiatrist

“I enjoy working in a facility with my team to improve therapeutic performance to help children”… MHT

“I enjoy working here at HPBHC as a team player and I am looking forward to helping my team build and improve”… MHT

“I work my hardest and collaborate with staff of other departments to ensure a fun, educational, and engaging curriculum”… Teacher

“My supervisor is very supportive of my ideas and suggestions!”… Nurse Manager

“I love my job! Thank you for this opportunity. I enjoy work at HPBHC”…. Therapist

“I enjoy my position and my team members are excellent!” … Teacher

“I come to Harbor Point every day thinking of ways to improve the curriculum!” – Teacher

“Thanks for all the leadership!” – Mental Health Tech

“I enjoy working with the Education department at Harbor Point!” – Administrative Assistant

“I have really enjoyed working with the students!” – Teacher

“My supervisor is an amazing leader. I come to work every day more motivated than the day before. I look forward to the future and the opportunities that await.” – Cook

“I continue to improve daily and strive to work outside the box and find ways to help our residents.” – Mental Health Tech

“I am looking forward to our new plans for horticulture and updating our patio areas!” – Vocational Teacher

“I love the work I do, I love my job and still learning and trying to improve every day!” – Mental Health Tech

“I enjoy what I do and love coming to work!” – Mental Health Tech

“I enjoy being a part of this team and meeting the needs of the clients!” – Mental Health Tech

“As a new employee, I am looking very forward to working with each resident assigned to me and plan to encourage positive behavior from each resident under my care.” – Mental Health Tech

“I enjoy working with my fellow employees, good manager and this place is really wonderful!” – Dietary Aide

“Thank you for your support and guidance.” – Lead Mental Health Tech

“I love my job and look forward to becoming a more efficient educational professional.” – Teacher

“I enjoy providing Service Excellence and quality care to our clients.” – Mental Health Tech

“Thank you to my new manager. He is fair and I look forward to many more years here!” – Dietary Aide

“I am excited to learn much more here from staff.” – Mental Health Tech

“I am appreciative as a new employee for feedback and I am glad to be a member of this team and look forward to improving and continuing to grow with this company.” – Receptionist

“Thank you for your support!” – Lead Mental Health Tech

“I am grateful to have this opportunity to be a mentor and to help with education.” – Teacher

“It is a pleasure to come to work every day with the positive work environment and leadership!” – Executive Assistant