Departments Collaborate to Implement Bicycle Repair, Bicycle Safety & Community Service Program

Children biking by the water.
Successful programs thrive when departments are interconnected and join forces for the most optimal student outcomes. Recently, the Education Department, led by Ms. Flemings and the Director of Recreational Therapy Department, led by Mr. Adkins implemented a bicycle repair, bicycle safety and community service outreach program.

First, Ms. Flemings incorporated the purchase of 20 new bicycles through a DOE grant she authored. Next, the education and recreation therapy Departments began teaching bicycle safety and repair classes. Adolescents felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment and compassion as they put together bicycles for the younger elementary students. After completing the assembly of the bikes students stated “I am proud to be able to help others” and “I feel a sense of accomplishment.” It then brought them great joy to watch the younger students practice safety skills and experience a new leisure activity promoting wellness.

Finally, students in the bike safety program worked Together to make meals for residents of the Portsmouth Community who are homeless. All three fun activities tied Together service learning, community service and wellness.