Reviews From Past Patients

The staff at Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center would like you and your family to have the best possible experience while in our care. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. A patient satisfaction survey is given to families after receiving care, and these surveys provide us with important feedback regarding our services.

The survey asks patients to score the statements related to the care they received on scale of 1 to 5, with 1 equaling ‘strongly disagree’ and 5 equaling ‘strongly agree’. See how patients rated us in 2020 by reading the scores below.

Patient Satisfaction Scores

Question Score
I had input into my treatment plan goals 4.82 (out of 5)
I understand the importance of following my discharge plan 4.72 (out of 5)
The therapy groups were helpful to me 4.70 (out of 5)
I feel better now than when I was admitted 4.82 (out of 5)
I understand what my medications do and why/how I should take them 4.75 (out of 5)
I was encouraged to help myself and ask others to help me 4.70 (out of 5)

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In case of emergency, please dial 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.