Harbor Point Academy Happenings!

The students and staff at Harbor Point Academy have been busy with many projects since August. They have adopted a “Thematic Calendar’ for this school year. Each month will be assigned a theme that can be integrated across the entire facility to provide a consistent and meaningful message for our residents. The theme for November is GRATITUDE. Residents and staff were tasked with making their own personal flower to express reasons why they are grateful. The flowers have been place in “Gratitude Gardens” throughout the facility. Each unit decorated a flower, along with many individual creations.


Financial Literacy was the theme of the summer school program for our Girls’ High School. The students engaged in activities that deepened their knowledge of economics and personal finance. The career and entrepreneurship standard of the unit afforded the students to not only explore career opportunities based on individual interest, but to compare the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

The students engaged in hands-on projects with the objective to recognize the correlation between education, training, and potential lifetime income. In addition to creating posters, which detailed the students chosen careers, several girls opted to design dresses, which showcased their creativity and desire to develop their own business. The Fan dress was created by a team of entrepreneurs and the A-line dress was designed by a student who chose fashion design as a career.

dress-photo-4 dress-photo-3 dress-photo-1dress-photo-2