Sexually Abusive Youth Services For Intellectual Disabilities

For Males (ages 12-18)

Harbor Point’s Sexually Abusive Youth Program for intellectual disabilities diagnoses provides intensive, residential treatment to sexually abusive adolescent males diagnosed with intellectual disability and psychiatric illnesses/disorders.

The program is based on the Developmental Delayed Sexually Abusive Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment curriculum. It is designed for residents with intellectual disability in order to accommodate their limited level of understanding and development. Concepts included in the curriculum address the dysfunctional beliefs and cognitive distortions that are often exhibited by sexually abusive youth. In addition, residents are encouraged to develop appropriate social and relationship skills in order to minimize their risk of re-offending. They are also encouraged to enhance their independent living skills and to increase their adaptive behaviors.

The therapeutic alliance is paramount to resident’s treatment success. Each resident receives a comprehensive initial risk assessment to evaluate level of functioning and level of risk to the community, and to develop a comprehensive conceptualization of the resident’s individual treatment needs.

This program is designed for sexually reactive males with the following:

  • DSM-V diagnosis of psychiatric illness on Axis I and/or II
  • Diagnosis of a significant psychosexual disorder as evidenced by a pattern of paraphiliac behavior
  • History of repeated acts of sexually aggressive behavior and sexually reactive behavior.
  • Assessed IQ scored between 55-69
  • Family and community resources are not available to support adequate functioning in a less intensive level of treatment
  • Enrolled in an academic program of special education
  • Displays therapeutic potential to benefit from a residential treatment program and to transfer to a lower level of care within a predictable time