Turtle Sanctuary


Residents of Harbor Point enjoy the Horticulture court yard which allows them to get outside for fresh air and sunshine. Within the courtyard is a greenhouse which is used to teach residents how to grow and care for plants. Residents that are eligible to do so also learn about lawn maintenance and landscaping.  The latest addition to the court yard is the Turtle Sanctuary.  Meet TACO and MAUREEN – both are box turtles and current residents of sanctuary.  Residents have built a fenced in pen with plants, mulch, an igloo and other structures for shade. They have also added a small pond with moving water to avoid freezing in the winter.  A water turtle, currently ‘unnamed’, has just taken up residence in the pond.  Residents love the turtles and the turtles have become quite accustom to being held and talked to, just like any other ‘pet’.  Residents ensure there is ample shade, water and food for the turtles, and hope to add more residents soon.  Stay tuned for future expansion plans!