Harbor Point Starts Bike Riding Program

A family is going on a bike ride through the woods while on summer vacation.

Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center is pleased to announce our newest Therapeutic Recreational activity, leisurely bike biding. Bike riding is an opportunity for our residents to participate in a healthy leisure activity that will transition with them back into the community. Bike riding is just one part of our transitional programming that targets reduced institutionalization. This provides normalized recreational opportunities to our residents that they can continue to enjoy upon discharge. Harbor Point has partnered with Free Wheel Inc., who has provided us with bikes for resident use.  

This program allows residents to be active which can be beneficial for them in ways beyond their physical health. An extensive review of relevant research has demonstrated that the more physically active schoolchildren are, the better they do academically and they tend to have higher self-esteem. There is also a growing body of literature suggesting that physical activity has beneficial effects on several mental health outcomes, including health-related quality of life and improved mood states. In addition, there is a strong belief that regular participation in physical activity is linked to the enhancement of brain function and cognition, thereby positively influencing academic performance.

Additionally, the residents are taught appropriate bike safety and basic bike maintenance in order to make them more self sufficient with this leisure activity.